Glycerine Vape Juice


Glycerine Vape Juice



Glycerine Vape Juice – THC E-Juice – THC Vape Juice

The Glycerin Vape Juice is focused on offering a special mood, which is relaxed, yet quite uplifted and joyful. There is no lack of cheerfulness when you get this one, that’s for sure. However, it is one that belongs to the strong varieties of THC vape juice. So a bit of caution is advised when it comes to vapers that didn’t try much so far.

The juice is nothing that will get you straight on cloud nine in terms of flavor. It keeps things simple, which means that it only mixes a few ingredients. In this case, we are talking about water, nicotine, propylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin.

It does have a tiny bit of flavoring, which makes it different than the totally Flavorless THC vape juice. Still, the flavor here is not what matters, but the effect. It has the same standards for THC vape oils, yet it doesn’t come as they usually do with bold flavors that will take you straight in a journey.

The flavor is mild, yet it might be what you’re looking for to chill. It depends on one’s preferences here. This one can easily be referred to as a bridge between the intensely flavored ones and the flavorless.

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