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Mai Tai Cookies  dank vapes

Mai Tai Cookies strain by Terraform Genetics is a 70/30 Sativa with a low-moderate THC scope of 8-14%, and incredible CBD level of 12%. This honor winning CBD strain has a pointedly flavourful cherry taste and citrus breathe out, with a coordinating reverse fragrance (citrus center with notes of cherry)and thick nugs that are as chilly as anyone might imagine. Mai Tai Cookies treats numerous ailments, for example, discouragement, exhaustion, headaches, perpetual torment, and stress. Ideal for daytime or night utilization.

Sort of High of our Mai Tai Cookies  vape danks

Mai Tai Cookies strain high will inspire you with vitality, aspiration, and focus that is not excessively stunning. The body impact can be inconspicuously calming now and again and continually loosening up given its high CBD content.

Hereditary qualities of Mai Tai Cookies

Reproducer: Terraform Genetics

Hereditary qualities: Mai Tai Cookies is a hybrid of ACDC and Alien Orange Cookies cannabis strains.

Indica/Sativa Ratio

Sativa Dominant Hybrid (70% Sativa/30% Indica)

Normal THC/CBD Level

8.00/14.00% THC 11.00/12.00% CBD —/ — % CBN

Real Mai Tai Cookies
Mai Tai Cookies  vape
authentic Mai Tai Cookies  strain
Mai Tai Cookies dank vapes
Mai Tai Cookies vape danks

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