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Honey Dew dank vapes

Honey Dew strain is a reasonable 50/50 half breed. This weed can be delighted in by anybody because of the 15-18% THC levels. Honey Dew rewards cultivators with thick light green buds that are canvassed in a woodland of hairs with a decent pitch covering. As the name proposes, the nugs unequivocally taste of Dew, products of the soil with a sweet trailing sensation. On the drawback, this strain is elusive. Honey Dew strain is useful for day and night time recreational and medicinal use.

Kind of High of our Honey Dew vape danks

Honey Dew vape danks actuate inspiring cerebral elation pursued by profound sedation. Lifts vitality and innovativeness, prompts laughs. Elevates disposition lightens sorrow. Loosens up the body, eases the pressure, has great pain-relieving properties.

Hereditary qualities of Honey Dew strain

Honey Dew strain is a hybrid of Strawberry Dew and Honey Boo.

Normal THC/CBD Level

11.25/19.75% THC 1.00/ — % CBD —/ — % CBN

Real Honey Dew
Honey Dew vape
authentic Honey Dew strain
Honey Dew dank vapes
Honey Dew vape danks

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