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Hemplucid LLP manufactures Hemplucid Whole Plant hemp extract, although the box indicates Colorado Springs. This shouldn’t be a cause for alarm, however, because they might have different production and distribution lines. That aside, Hemplucid Vape has a very slick website with all the company information as well as the independent lab reports with certifications. This is one sure way of backing up their claim of transparency. Their hemp plant is grown in Colorado and is certified organic as well as non-GMO. They also use the industry-recommended CO2 extraction process, which is done in Colorado.
The Hemplucid Whole Plant Hemp extract comes in a clear bottle unlike most vape juices out there. The bottle contains a thick liquid, which is opaque greenish amber in color with traces of darker spots. As for the ingredients, it consists of VG, whole-plant hemp extract, and polysorbate 80 with no PG. It smells sweet and hempy, and the taste is also kind, although it loses some sweetness when vaporized. It goes without saying that this CBD vape juice comes in a 30mL bottle with different concentrations of 250mg, 300mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 2000mg. You can choose to use it as a vape juice or a sublingual tincture, which is a significant plus according to me.

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