Diamond OG Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge




Diamond OG Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge

Diamond OG Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge Strain type: Indica

Oil Extraction Method: Sub-basic CO2

THC: (THC + THCa): 71.79%

CBD:(CBD + CBDa): 0.72%

CBN: 0.59%

Diamond OG Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge is a valuable diamond of a strain that patients love for its strong and dependable impacts. A genuine indica, this strain instigates full-body unwinding that nixes torment and muscle fits before sinking into a general lethargy. It can leave you rationally euphoric in littler dosages, however, it’s unquestionably not one for times when work or even attentiveness needs to occur. Precious stone OG is the aftereffect of an obscure strain crossed with OG Kush and has the commonplace OG smell of citrus-pine bolstered by fuel feelings.

It can likewise make you euphoric and languid which means it is ideal for a lethargic day away from work. The strain looks delightful because of its shimmering dense buds, which additionally have an extremely solid smell. It is very compelling against muscle fits also.

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