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Is It Safe To Vape Brass Knuckles?

Individuals have detailed encountering medical problems from smoking this oil cartridge or   brass knuckles vape cartridges. I for one obtained these from a dispensary on as often as possible for a couple of months. I felt torment in my chest while I vaped various strains from Brass Knuckles. I needed to return one vape cartridge on the grounds that the flavor tasted consumed and like synthetic substances. Pesticides are scentless so it couldn’t have been that, however it was an extremely unpleasant taste from the vape.

Brass Knuckles Vape Review

There has never been any official proclamation from Brass Knuckles about having a review for pesticides. I live in the inlet territory and have seen an immense ascent in Brass Knuckles being sold from the Bootleg market. These individuals have colossal boxes of Brass knuckles cartridges and the oil taste true. This leaves me to speculate that Brass Knuckles quietly offered their spoiled oil cartridges to the underground market. This is obviously only a hypothesis base on what I’ve seen and experienced with these THC oil cartridges. Its conceivable to report a dispensary selling counterfeit Brass knuckles cartridges legitimately to them here.

Brass Knuckles Vape Cartridge Audit

This THC oil cartridge has set up themselves with their quality and scrumptious flavors. I was an immense enthusiast of them until I began having medical issues while vaping them. The impacts vanished after I quit vaping Brass Knuckles cartridges. This California organization has been assessed to be worth $170 million dollars. It has enormous speculators included, for example, Dr. Dre and Xzbit.

It’s anything but difficult to discover a Brass Knuckles vape cartridge survey online with only positive remarks about its THC oil flavor and intensity. Their weedmaps by and large audit score has been hit down to a 3.6/5 normal from 619 absolute surveys. The negative surveys on there are normal alike talking about purchasing counterfeit Brass Knuckles vape cartridges unintentionally, even from authorized dispensaries as found in the weed maps audit underneath. Kindly let us realize your own Brass Knuckles cartridge audit here in the remarks.


The Brass Knuckles brand was set up in Los Angeles, California, by none other than unbelievable rapper Xzibit. For quite a while, Brass Knuckles vape cartridges have since a long time ago been viewed as the best, and most grounded, available. The Prohibited Fruit concentrate tested at a mind blowing 90% THC substance, demonstrating the uniqueness of the brand. The vape cartridges equally has a ton of great features and stays one of the most well known vape cartridges out there today. So on the off chance that you have been pondering which brand of vape to attempt straightaway, at that point you’ve gone to the perfect spot. Simply sit back, chill, and peruse our shop and order one of our vape cartridges.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream, a sativa-predominant and starts in California. Intersection a Blueberry indica with the sativa Dimness, Brass Knuckles’ Blue Dream cartridge offsets full-body unwinding with delicate notes sweet berry, and blueberry flavors. Amateur and veteran shoppers alike appreciate the level impacts of Blue Dream, which straightforwardness you tenderly into a quiet happiness.

Jack H

Brass Knuckles’ Jack H cartridge originates from a sativa-overwhelming strain that joins a hereditary qualities cross of a Cloudiness half breed with an Aurora Borealis #5 and Shiva Skunk. This strain offers an intense natural flavors with traces of pine that inspires you into a happy rapture facilitating pressure.


Identified with Hawaiian sativa strains, Brass Knuckles’ Mauicartridge will satisfy it’s tropical notoriety. This Sativa truck is best known for its tropical and hearty flavors with a citrus fruity delayed flavor impression. Less empowering than most sativa strains, Maui has a botanical fragrance and will in general be head substantial and conveys a moderate impression that turns out to be increasingly noticeable with time.

Sharp Apple

A hybrid of Sharp Diesel and Cinderella 99, Brass Knuckles’ Sour Apple cartridge is amazingly strong and impacts are full-bodied. Attempt this cartridge in case you’re hoping to unwind and straightforwardness stress. This Sharp Apple cartridge implants tart apple flavors with notes of diesel and pineapple. Ideal for after work or on an apathetic evening

Strawberry Hack

Known for its sweet smell of crisp strawberries and a growing impression that can make even the most prepared shopper hack, Strawberry Hack is a strong sativa mix with baffling hereditary starting points. Brass Knuckles’ Strawberry Cough cartridge will empower your faculties while giving a rush of happiness leaving you cheerful and smiley.


Brass Knuckles’ Tangie cartridge has an invigorating tangerine fragrance that offers a glad euphoric buzz that is leads into a quiet full body unwinding. The hereditary qualities on this strain are a cross of California Orange and a Skunk half and half. It’s citrus legacy is the most clear in the sweet kinds of orange and tangerine that outcomes in an enduring erratic unwinding.

These announcements have not been assessed by the Sustenance and Medication Organization. These items are not proposed to analyze, treat, fix, or forestall any infection.


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